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Очередной набор DAZовских вкусностей

Очередной набор DAZовских вкусностей
Очередной набор DAZовских вкусностей
Набор разнообразных 3D-моделей, плагинов, скриптов, разных финтифлюшек и другие полезности для DAZ Studio, Poser, Bryce (пакеты для анимирования виртуальных персонажей).
Daz3D Winter Wear For Victoria 4 - 84 Mb
Victoria 4 now has some fashionable duds to bundle up in on a Cold winter's day. She will look perfect in her fur lined Jacket, boots, and a pair of snug slacks. A fur headband keeps her long straight hair out of her eyes on those windy days. This set is also designed to be fully mixed and matched with the Cosmopolitan Girl clothing. This set also comes with an Injection Morph and textures for V4 which transform her hands into gloves. For Poser 5 and up there are full material files with Diffuse, Specular, Opacity, Bump, and Displacement maps. For DAZ|Studio users there is a full set of Studio Material Presets using the same maps as above. Also included, courtesy of Richard Haseltine, is the new MutiMagnetize Script for DAZ|Studio. This script allows DAZ|Studio users, after clothing V4, to apply the script and have her magnets automatically applied to the clothing immediately.
- 4 Conforming Figures
o WW Coat (CR2 & OBJ) - WW Pants (CR2 & OBJ)
o WW Boots (CR2 & OBJ) - WW Hair (CR2 & OBJ)
- WW Headband Prop (PP2 & OBJ)
- Morphs
o FBMBodyBuilder - FBMAmazon - FBMFitness - FBMYoung
o FBMThin - FBMVoluptuous - FBMBulk - FBMPearFigure
o PBMBreastsSize - PBMBreastsNatural
o 2 Open Jacket morphs
o 2 Boot heel shape and size morphs
o Hair morphs to change length - Hair morphs to make hair messy
o Hair morphs to simulate wind
- Special Injection Morph for V4 which converts her hands to gloves
- Two glove textures to match the outfits with matching displacement
- 2 Different texture sets formatted for Poser 5-7 and DAZ|Studio
- MultiMagnetize Script (DAZ|Studio Script)
Daz3D Vandra Styles - 71 Mb
Vandra Styles includes two beautiful sets of detailed textures: blue leather with ruby gems and stunning silver, or comfortable brown leather with fur details. Bring out Victoria 4's wilder side!
- 2 Top textures (diffuse maps) (2048 x 204
- 2 Top bump maps (2048 x 204
- 2 Top displacement maps (2048 x 204
- 2 Skirt textures (diffuse maps) (3000 x 3000)
- 2 Skirt bump maps (3000 x 3000)
- 2 Skirt displacement maps (3000 x 3000)
- 2 Boots textures (diffuse maps) (2048 x 204
- 2 Boots bump maps (2048 x 204
- 2 Boots displacement maps (2048 x 204
- 2 Necklace bump maps (1024 x 1024)
- 4 Reflection maps (256 x 256)
- MAT poses (pz2/png) for Poser 5+
- Material settings (mc6/png) for Poser 6+
- DAZ|Studio material settings
Daz3D Vernal Sandals & Slingback Sandals for V4 - 9,7 Mb
These two pair of beautiful sandals will lend grace and fashion to every scene.
VernalSandalR and L (CR2 & OBJ)
o BodyBuilder
o Bulk
o fitness
o Voluptuous
o ShinsThickness SlingbackR and L(CR2 & OBJ)
o JCMFootBend
Victoria 4.0 Foot set file (PZ2)
8 MAT files (PZ2) for Poser 5/6/7
8 MAT files (DSB) for DAZ|Studio
Bump Map (3000 x 3000)
Diffuse Map (3000 x 3000)
2 Reflection Maps (300 x 300) (500 x 500)
Daz3d Digital I Designs - Tyrannosaurus - 9,2 Mb
Bringing you the most accurate look at the animals of long ago, here is the another amazing dinosaur from the on-going 'Ex Terra' series by Digital
I. 'Tyrannosaurus' is an up-to-date version of the most popular dinosaur of all time! Based on the latest findings in paleontology, this
Tyrannosaurus will strike fear in your Runtime!
Some may have been longer, some may have been faster, but no other eat-eating dinosaur has the fame and reputation of Tyrannosaurus! Up to 13
meters (42 feet) long, it sported the largest head (and biggest teeth) of any known land-based predator. Whether primarily hunter or scavenger, this last of the giant theropod dinosaurs ruled right up until the end of the Age of Dinosaurs...

* Tyrannosaurus Authentic Mesh (.CR2 & .OBJ)
o Designed from scratch from reference images of Tyrannosaurus skeletons
o As close to the real thing as you'll find anywhere
* Highly Poseable:
o Extra care to make this figure as flexible as possible
o Easy-Pose tail for smooth curves at the touch of a single dial
o Easy-Pose tongue with multiple parts for flexibility
o Adjustments to the leg joints allow for greater range of motion without creasing
o Additional dials in the hands and feet:
+ Handle movement of individual toes and fingers
+ Handle movement of ALL toes and fingers at once
+ Expands the ease of the Poser Hand dials,
+ Extends the ease of the Poser Feet
+ Works as well in DAZ|Studio
* Facial morphs:
o Multiple Tyrannosaurs in your scene can be individualized to taste
o Brow 'Horns'
o Snout 'Horns'
o 2 Alternate dials for shaping teeth - mix and match partial values for a near-endless amount of variability
* Eye Morphs
o Pupil Size
o Pupil Shape
o Dials to control eyelids individually or in combination
* Additional Body Morphs - Shape your dinosaur to individual taste:
o Massive Neck: Add more muscle behind the head
o Scutes: Adjust the size of the large scales on the body and head
o Swallow: Swell the gullet when bolting down huge chunks of meat
o Breathe: Animating? Your tyrannosaur can subtly breathe
o FootSpread: Animating? Splay the foot flesh when weight is put on it...
* Active Preset Poses
o Over 12 active preset poses
o 'Shaping' morphs - Don't lose your face-shape when applying body pose presets
o 2 poses based on museum displays
+ 'Sue'
+ 'Bucky'
* Detailed Maps
o Optimized UVs minimize seams, eliminate 'smearing' of textures
o 2 Male hand-painted Texture Maps
o 2 Female hand-painted Texture Maps
o Bump map - Hand-painted, based on actual fossils of Tyrannosaurus skin
* Poser and DAZ|Studio presets to apply all maps

Daz3d Elasmosaurus - 5,7 Mb
This model's entire geometry is based on a real model of an Elasmosaurus, the largest of the Plesiosaurs. (This is what Nessie is.) The texture you see on this Elasmosaur was created specifically in a way so as to help give it realistic muscle texture and contour.

* Elasmosaurus (CR2 & OBJ)
* Body Texture Map (3500 x 3500)
* Body Bump Map (3500 x 3500)
* Easy Pose Neck
* Easy Pose Tail
* Under Water light set
* 2 MAT Poses
o Elasmosaurus Default
o Elasmosaurus No Gloss
* 7 Custom Poses
o Zero Figure Pose
o Catch Fish
o Confrontation
o Dive
o Swim
o Reset Neck
o Reset Tail

Daz3D JeanZ for V4 - 49 Mb
How could Victoria’s wardrobe be complete without a great pair of JeanZ! Sure there are other jeans out there. However, you would need to buy several different pairs to be able to do a fraction of what these can do. For example, you can do regular length, capri’s, shorts, short shorts and even Daisy Dukes all with a click of the mouse! plus there are also features found no where else! For example, switch between regular zippered or button fly jeans. With the included texture variations you can create 18 different JeanZ! Not enough? There are over 100 morphs in this item to make it even more versatile. Morphs to create different styles. Morphs to help with fitting shoes and shirts you haven’t even bought yet! Plus a number of morphs to make the jeans look more realistic when sitting. Still not enough? How about
three different set of fullbody morphs to regular waist, low rise waist and hi-rise waist? Need more? How about morphs to open the JeanZ and make it
look like Victoria is dressing or undressing. What are you waiting for?

* V4JeanZ (obj. & cr2)
o Over 100 morphs:
+ Style and Adjustment Morphs
+ JointControl Morphs
+ Three different Full Body Morph versions:
# Regular Height
# Low-rise
# Hi-rise
# Cross-talk for FBM morphs has been disabled so that you can select the version you want
o Textures are compatible with JeanZ for A3, SP3 and Michael (These will need to be applied manually)
o Two texture variations (regular and faded)
o ButtonFly texture (both regular and faded)
o Four additional variations (Capri, Shorts, Short ShortZ and DaisyDukes (faded only)).
o Complete set of Poser and DAZ Studio MAT files.

Daz3d Magus for V4 - 20 Mb
Get Victoria 4 into a magical mood with this full set of clothing.

* Magus Boots(CR2 and OBJ)
o PearFigure
o Bulk
o Voluptuous
o Amazon
o BodyBuilder
* Magus Collar(CR2 and OBJ)
o PearFigure
o Bulk
o Voluptuous
o Young
o Thin
o Amazon
o fitness
o BodyBuilder
* Magus Jacket(CR2 and OBJ)
o PearFigure
o Bulk
o Voluptuous
o Young
o Thin
o Amazon
o Fitness
o BodyBuilder
o LooseArmL
o LooseArmR
o Long
o OverShorts
o LooseArmPitL
o LooseArmPitR
o Assorted Movement Morphs
* Magus Leggins(CR2 and OBJ)
o PearFigure
o Bulk
o Voluptuous
o Young
o Thin
o Amazon
o Fitness
o BodyBuilder
* Magus Shorts(CR2 and OBJ)
o PearFigure
o Bulk
o Voluptuous
o Young
o Thin
o Amazon
o Fitness
o BodyBuilder
* Magus Staff (PP2 and OBJ)
* Magus Staff L (PP2)
* Magus Staff R (PP2)
* Staff Hand Poses
o Magus Staff Hold (HD2)
o Magus Staff Hold (HD2)
* Magus Earring L1 (PP2 and OBJ)
* Magus Earring L2 (PP2 and OBJ)
* Maps
o Poser 5 pz2 Mat Files
o Poser 6 mc6 Mat Files
o 5 Bump Maps (2000x2000)
o 5 Texture Maps (2000x2000)
o Reflection Map (159x159)
o Reflection Map (200x200)

Daz3D Stellar League Body Tank - 12,8 Mb
Ten feet tall, striding through the dust of an alien desert, the elite of the Stellar League are feared for the nearly unstoppable armor they wear -
the infamous Body Tank. No alien power that seeks war with the Stellar League can dare do so without taking these battlefield dreadnoughts into account!

* Fully Poseable Body Tank (CR2 & OBJ)
* Seven Smart Props (PP2 & OBJ)
o Wrist energy blades (right hand)
o Dual auto cannons parented to the right or left shoulder
o Missile pods parented to the right or left shoulder
o Plasma cannons parented to the right or left shoulder
* Four basic poses from which to build your own combat ready stances
* 'Fitting' poses for the following adult human figures:
o Aiko 1
o Aiko 3
o David
o The Freak
o Hiro
o Michael 1 and 2
o Michael 3
o The Poser 4 Man (Dork)
o The Poser 4 Woman (Posette)
o Stephanie 1
o Stephanie 3 Petite
o Victoria 1 and 2
o Victoria 3
o Victoria 4
* Texture for all includes props and figures
* Michael 3 and other figures are not included

Daz3D Mood Master D|S Z-Depth FX Layers - 30 Mb
With this revolutionary new layering system, you can add real depth and cool effects to your renders. Mood Master produces an Effect Layer that can
be mixed with your original render in Photoshop or Gimp for unlimited possibilities.

* Personal Forum support
* 10 incredible effects
o Groundbreaking Deep Fog that will add real depth fog/haze to your images never before seen in DAZ|Studio
o Deep Fog Fall Off
o Deep Fog Texture
o Deep Fog Noise
o Cool Rain
o Ice Cold Snow
o Hot Sun Glow
o Bright Lens Flare
o Striking Color Gradient
o Additional Fast Fog
* Adjust color, position, rotation, scale and opacity, and more
* Works indoors and outdoors with any scene of any size with any props
* Produce a single effect layer or multiple effect layers for out-of-this world control and speed - without re-rendering your original render
* Play with the layers in postwork and alter color and intensity in seconds
* Create Z-Depth Masks
* Renders fast - doesnґt use any lights or shadows
* Stack Effect Layers on top of each other for unlimited effects
* Requires an external image processing software like Photoshop or Gimp (free) that supports layers with the Screen feature
* Tutorial for using Photoshop/Gimp included
* Your graphic card must support transparency for previewing purposes (In DAZ|Studio: Help/about your graphic card/Texture units must show four or above)
* Requires latest version of your Graphics Card Driver and Direct X
* Required: Your scene must be lit before applying the MM
* Compatible with any Dreamlight light sets and any other lights or light sets on the market

Daz3D Light Dome Pro - 9 Mb
add incredible light and shadows to your DAZ|Studio outdoor scenes in a matter of seconds! Realistic Sky and Sun Light - as easy as load/merge and render!

* 5 Resolutions
o Draft
o V-Low
o Low
o Medium
o High
* 2 Versions
o Basic
o Extended
* 5 Presets
o Mid-Day
o Sunset
o Night
o Night ML
o Cloudy
* 16 Matching Sky Photo Backgrounds
o 4 Mid-Day Photos
o 4 Sunset Photos
o 4 Night Photos
o 4 Cloudy Photos
* Powerful and Easy to Use
* As simple as load/merge and render
* Fully adjustable Sun/Sky color, intensity, position and angle
* Fully adjustable Ambient color and intensity
* Up to 78 Sky Lights
* Up to 16 Sun Lights
* 24 Ambient Lights
* Incredible shadows that get softer and softer the greater the distance from the objects that casts them
* Works with any outdoor scene
* Switch resolution / version / preset at any time
* Live Open GL preview of sun/sky light - makes designing easy
* Design your scene first and add the LDP later or vice versa
* Add your own lights or use the LDP as is
* Requires Daz|Studio or later

Daz3D Studio Light PRO for D|S - 13,4 Mb
add outstanding character and prop light to your favorite DAZ|Studio scenes with Personal Forum Support! Advanced light types often found in
expensive 3D software are now within reach! This extremely powerful light set - with over 770+ lights/presets in different default positions,versions, resolutions and colors - will leave no character unlit!

* 7 Advanced Light Types
o Super Spot Light
+ 5 resolutions
+ 9 positions
+ 5 colors
o Soft Box
+ 5 resolutions
+ 16 positions
+ 5 colors
o Area Light
+ 4 resolutions
+ 4 positions
+ 3 colors
o Magic Sphere
+ 3 resolutions
+ 37 colors
o Fire Light
+ 3 resolutions
o Disco Light
+ 3 resolutions
+ 4 types
o Ambient Light
+ 3 colors
* 5 Presets
o Portrait
+ 3 resolutions
o Fashion
+ 3 resolutions
+ 2 types
o Pin Up
+ 3 resolutions
+ 3 types
o Horror
+ 3 resolutions
+ 2 types
o Alien
+ 3 resolutions
+ 2 types
* 52 pages user manual
* Personal Forum Support
* Extremely Powerful
* Easy to use
* Fully adjustable
* Multi Character Support
* Light Dome PRO compatible
* 770+ lights/presets

Daz3D PWGhost - 1,8 Mb
Phantoms and spirits will delight in this surface shader for DAZ|Studio. use pwGhost to fill your renders with surreal shapes and eerie effects.

* Can be used with any figures, objects or maps that you own.
* Ghost Opacity allows surfaces to become transparent without revealing internal geometry, like teeth, and without showing the back of the object.
* Edge Effects make the edges of an object fade away or showing only the rim of an object, like in an x-ray.
* Cloud and Lightning Effects let you create fast special effects or give objects an other-worldly appearance.
* Combine effects and change settings to create translucent ghouls, blacklight boogeymen and toon terrors.
* An interactive tutor that shows you the effects of each new property and helps you pick settings as you go.
* Six shader presets to help you get started.
* All standard surface features are supported.

Daz3D PWSurface - 1,6 Mb
A potent surface shader that brings a wealth of professional features to DAZ|Studio. You'll be able to render lush, soft skin, luxurious jade,
marble and many other different kinds of materials, using powerful tools like subsurface scattering, translucence, ambient occlusion and translucence.

* Can be used with any figure, object or map that you own
* Soft Diffusion and Specularity gives you precision control over how light hits the surface
* Subsurface Scattering allows light to enter and illuminate the surface from within, and is the technique professionals use for simulating skin
* Ambient Occlusion shadows wrinkles and crevasses, bringing definition and detail to your renders
* Translucence allows light to shine through one side of the surface to the other, and is perfect for plant stems and leaves
* One-click quality control lets you pick your render time without any hassles
* An interactive tutor that shows you the effects of each property and helps you pick settings as you go
* Five material presets to help you get started
* All standard surface features are supported.

Daz3D PWCatch - 1,2 Mb
Bring your virtual world together with the real world with this surface shader for DAZ|Studio. use pwCatch to catch and create shadows, capture
reflections and integrate your scenes with other images the way that you've always imagined.

* Can be used with any figures or objects that you own
* Catch shadows from other objects for easy compositing
* Cast shadows into the scene without the object being visible
* Catch the reflection of other objects
* Make a surface mimic the backdrop image to bring your photos and 3D together like never before
* An interactive tutor that shows you the effects of each property and helps you pick settings as you go
* Nine (9) shader presets to help you get started.

Daz3D PWEffect - 2,4 Mb
Bring your vision to life with this surface shader for DAZ|Studio. use pwEffect for everything from designing special effects to creating
landscapes—pwEffect's unrivaled versatility will make you approach your renders in a whole new way.

o Can be used with any figures, objects or maps that you own
o Turn objects into effects like smoke, fire or energy
o Add special features to objects, like molten lava cracks, veins or patterns
o pwEffect's unique and customizable Modifiers allow you to configure the shader to work millions and millions of different ways
o Basic Modifiers that let you use randomness or the object's shape to control a surface property
o Effect Modifiers that generate patterns over the object's surface (like cellular patterns, clouds, and spots)
o Blend Modifiers that shift seamlessly between colors, textures, patterns and other modifiers
o Mix and match settings to create psychedelic plasma, Smokey apparitions, crackling stone and much, much more
o New render options allow surfaces to brighten or darken what's behind them instead of rendering normally
o Features a Ghost Opacity option, which allows surfaces to become transparent without revealing internal geometry, like teeth, and without showing

the back of the object
o Package includes:
+ pwEffect shader
+ Neutral shader preset that applies pwEffect to surfaces while preserving most other settings
+ Twenty (20) shader presets showcasing different looks that you can achieve with pwEffect
+ Detailed documentation goes over every new property with example images of each setting

Daz3d Faded Industry - 24 Mb
An abandoned industrial warehouse ... built with gritty realism in mind, perfect for renders that need an industrial touch!
* Faded Industry.PP2/.Obj - (Presented as a parented Poser prop made of 30 parts)
* Faded Industry.daz - DAZ|Studio optimized scene file
* All doors have been set-up to open/close (Six doors are in the warehouse)
* Fully modeled/textured interior and exterior
Daz3D Wild Dreads - 100 Mb
Wildly new. Wildly exciting. Wildly different. You've never seen hair like this before! At last, realistic dread locks for V4 and friends. These amazing locks are so real you can almost feel them. fit for ctoria4(default), Victoria3, Michael3, David, Stephanie3Petite, Aiko, Aiko Realistic, Hiro, and Hiro Realistic and chock full of movement morphs and texture options Wild Dreads are just the thing you've been looking for to shake up your runtime.
o Wild Dreads (.hr2 & .0bj)
+ 47 movement morphs organized by category
o Fits for:
+ Victoria 4
+ Victoria 3
+ Michael 3
+ David
+ Stephanie Petite
+ Aiko
+ Aiko Realistic
+ Hiro
+ Hiro Realistic
o MAT poses and textures
+ 15 realistic textures for the dreads each with coordinating textures for the accessories
+ Displacement maps for the dreads
+ 45 MAT poses to apply/change textures to the hair and/or accessories
+ 6 Utility poses to hide parts of the accessories

Разархивировать все части архива, получите большой exe-файл. Кликаем, ждем некоторое время, выходит окно диалога. Мне вставляет под какую музыку это всё происходит. Какая-то песня в стиле брит-поп от группы Колдплей.


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